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Organization Purpose: Service to others

The code of the Knights of the medieval era was epitomized as Chivalry. Today that code becomes Citizenship Responsibilty. To the individual, Citizenship Responsibilty means recognition of the obligation "to live a life of loyal service to one's God, country, community, family, fellow man and self" (from the code of the Round Table). A Round Table member joins with others in action that brings a rewarding sense of fullfillment of one's better self. In the Arthurian Idylls the young Arthur discovered his own royal character while seeking to find a sword for his brother in the jousts.  Service is the golden link whereby both those who give and those who receive are blessed. By it, you can rise to the fullness of your stature, deepen your effectiveness, and enrich your life. The impact of such service radiates to countess others.

Our Slogan:  "We serve others"
Our Motto: "We who seek to serve others best serve ourselves"

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